Supercharge Technology Adoption

SEKTOR provides dedicated support through an AI-powered system, that speeds up Construction Technology adoption and maximizes the ROI of your Tech Stack.
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Proudly fueling the success
of global projects

Millions in Returns for Medium-sized
to Top-Tier Companies

Everything you need to achieve Adoption Velocity

We work as the adoption arm of innovation teams, handling onboarding, training, and any support that needs to occur, speeding up ramp-up and adoption times.


Find best-fit solutions, instantly.

Get a single access point to multiple solutions
and eliminate friction and complexity.
  • Project Management
  • Reality Captures
  • BIM & Automations
  • IoT & Sensors
  • Logistics & Procurement
  • Analytics


Double the speed,
half the effort.

We help you cut your implementation time in half with our ready-to-go services. Hit the ground running from day one.
  • Tech Roll-out Management
  • User Onboarding & Training
  • Custom Workflow Design
  • Multi-platform integrations
  • Ongoing Implementation Support


Higher Adoption. Less Legwork.

Maximize your ROI by integrating technologies within your workflows and unleash your tech-enabled service.
  • Account Health Check
  • Data Entry, Cleaning and Mapping
  • Cultural Transition Management
  • Usage Reporting & Support
  • External Stakeholder Training
  • Technical and Functional Support
  • Custom Learning Resources

Numbers speak.

The staggering ROI from our implementation of OpenSpace reality captures at Ferrovial’s biggest Healthcare project.

Hospital construction projects are complex by nature, with numerous electrical and ventilation systems, extensive masonry, and frequent variation orders. The need for rapid innovation has never been greater. With the implementation of OpenSpace, SEKTOR’s Digital Delivery team achieved new heights in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and project quality.

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