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Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Teams up with SEKTOR to Accelerate Coordination in Europe’s Premier Development

A City within a City – A Vision of an Esteemed Developer

Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier, the largest city-center project in Europe, represents a remarkable feat in mixed-use developments. Located in the heart of HafenCity, this expansive project embodies modern living with a blend of contemporary apartments, three hotels, a vibrant retail and leisure segment with 200 units, and a cutting-edge cruise terminal.


Key Facts:

  • Total Area under Development 419,000 sqm 

  • Total Investment Cost: €790M

  • 30+ Involved Construction Stakeholders


Overcoming Progress Monitoring Complexities

Monitoring progress on a development of this magnitude presents its own unique hurdles. While progress tracking remained straightforward until the construction of the basement using perimeter cameras, the escalating floors’ complexity posed intricate challenges. How do you maintain consistent progress visibility on a colossal development involving over 20 different entities? More importantly, how do you ensure all teams are coordinated, working seamlessly across multiple floors and areas? Typically, this phase triggers a wave of panic, leading to increased meetings, paperwork, and disputes – chaos.


Introducing Seamless Workflow Integration with Reality Captures

Recognizing these challenges, the URW team, led by Director of Construction Jacques Boursault, turned to SEKTOR. “SEKTOR introduced reality captures with OpenSpace at the right moment. No one muted OpenSpace notifications after we implemented it,” said the Unibail team. This AI-enabled automated site capture quickly became a critical tool in the team’s kit, and SEKTOR’s expertise ensured its full potential was realized.


Elevated Engagement and Rapid Deployment

The impact of this collaborative solution was immediate and impressive:

  • An average of 12 monthly captures were achieved, three times the industry average.

  • Over 100 active users were onboarded onto the OpenSpace platform, trained in a record time of just one month.

In conclusion, SEKTOR’s intervention and the resulting digital transition played a pivotal role in averting construction chaos, ensuring optimal project coordination, and maintaining uninterrupted progress on one of Europe’s most significant development projects.

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