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SEKTOR Signs Enterprise Agreement with world’s 3rd Largest Contractor

Vinci Construction UK, a leading player in the construction industry, has signed a groundbreaking three-year agreement with SEKTOR to revolutionize its construction progress monitoring. Through the adoption of the AI-based tool OpenSpace, Vinci Construction UK aims to enhance project efficiency, streamline processes, and achieve substantial time savings across its 25 live sites.

OpenSpace offers a transformative solution that allows construction progress to be monitored remotely, eliminating the need for manual picture-taking. By leveraging AI and computer vision technology, the tool maps images to project plans seamlessly, creating an accurate visual representation of the site without any human intervention.

Commenting on the collaboration, Marco Bonelli, lead digital engineer at Vinci Construction UK, shared key insights on scaling innovative solutions:


A Robust Implementation Plan 

A well-structured implementation plan is crucial to successfully integrating innovative solutions into existing processes. Vinci’s partnership with SEKTOR ensures a smooth and efficient rollout of OpenSpace across all building projects.


Internal Promotion is vital

To drive user engagement and adoption, internal marketing is essential. Vinci Construction UK will promote the benefits of OpenSpace among its teams, highlighting the time-saving potential and improved collaboration opportunities.


Consistent Follow-ups move the needle

Vinci recognizes the importance of consistent follow-ups and follow-throughs to encourage widespread adoption of the new technology. SEKTOR’s expertise in implementation will ensure a seamless transition and continuous support throughout the process.


The Partnership with SEKTOR

SEKTOR’s proven track record as a reliable implementation partner shows an ideal ally for Vinci Construction UK’s digital vision. “We are excited about the transformative potential of OpenSpace and the collaboration with SEKTOR,” said Marco Bonelli. “By leveraging SEKTOR’s expertise, we are confident in scaling this innovative solution to drive remarkable outcomes across our projects.”

The partnership between Vinci Construction UK and SEKTOR marks a significant milestone in the construction industry, exemplifying the power of strategic collaborations in driving digital transformation and innovation. As the implementation partner of choice, SEKTOR is dedicated to empowering construction companies with cutting-edge technology to achieve unparalleled success.

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