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Landmark Project Achieves Remarkable Success with Procore Implementation Through SEKTOR Partnership

Setting the Scene – A Grand Vision with Unchartered Territory

Athienitis, a respected contractor known for their high-quality work, embarked on the massive Landmark project, which entailed transforming the Hilton hotel into a five-star luxury resort flanked by two modern high-rises. This iconic project, which will be completed in 2025 and is located in the centre of the capital, reflects a complicated balance of architectural refinement and logistical prowess.


Embracing New Heights of Digital Innovation

Athienitis attempted to enter a new era in project management with the investment in Procore. However, the unfamiliarity of their employees, consultants, and client reps with such a platform provided a substantial obstacle. The goal was not simply to implement Procore but to integrate the platform into their team’s day-to-day by: 

  1. Training the users and maximizing utilisation 

  2. Aligning all project stakeholders to follow a common digital workflow

  3. Integrating with existing tools

  4. Revolutionizing their workflow paradigm.


Strategic On-Site Engagement and Personalized Support

SEKTOR handled this challenge with a concentrated strategy, armed with their knowledge in technology implementation. Multiple on-site visits were required to verify that the teams understood the platform’s functionality and could properly incorporate it into their day-to-day operations. SEKTOR’s committed team regularly followed up, immediately answering inquiries and troubleshooting issues, guaranteeing a smooth transfer. Furthermore, SEKTOR provided specialized learning materials and workflows to Athienitis’ specific demands, enabling greater engagement and comprehension of Procore’s potential.


A Resounding Success in Procore Integration and Utilization

The amazing success of Procore’s deployment was the result of SEKTOR’s hands-on approach and personalized solutions. The platform was adopted by all stakeholders, including the project team, consultants, and client representatives, and is used every day for effective project management. This result demonstrated not just the transformative power of advanced project management platforms like Procore, but also the enormous value of SEKTOR’s complete and customized assistance. SEKTOR has championed Athienitis’ pioneering path into digital project management, which has set a precedent for future endeavors, promising even more inventive results.

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