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Innovating with Reality Captures. The staggering figures behind the Ferrovial-SEKTOR success at Hospital Costa del Sol

Ferrovial and SEKTOR, collaborated to create a transformative integration of OpenSpace, a cutting-edge reality capture tool. This innovation is resulting in significant savings and efficiencies in the Hospital Costa del Sol project.



Navigating Complexity: The Demand for Innovation in Hospital Construction

Hospital building projects, by definition complex, necessitate a continuous, efficient, and up-to-date flow of information. The effective implementation of OpenSpace responded to the need for a cutting-edge solution that could bring project efficiency, significant cost savings, and unrivalled project quality. The game-changer arrived in three areas: time, cost, and quality.


Innovative Leap: The Power of OpenSpace

SEKTOR approach to integrate OpenSpace into the day-to-day operations, transformed Ferrovial’s processes, drastically lowering the time necessary to document project progress. The solution not only facilitated coordination among a team of 20 engineers, but it also accelerated client response times, saving approximately 40 hours each week. The tool proved useful for remote project management, saving countless long-distance visits from Madrid and Granada to Marbella. SEKTOR’s consistent follow-ups and refresher sessions ensured that an extraordinary amount of information was captured, improving as-built documentation quality and providing correct and up-to-date references for all stakeholders. 


Game-changing Outcomes

SEKTOR successful implementation and support of OpenSpace, has resulted in outstanding results:

  • Annual savings of 336 hours on the capturing process, with capture time per floor reduced from a day to an hour.

  • Digital coordination workflows save an estimated 2,000+ hours per year.

  • Avoidance of 14 long-distance site visits per year.

  • The quality of as-built documentation improved tenfold as per the feedback of the site team.

  • Avoiding work based on obsolete drawings prevents 15 rework possibilities.

  • Over 50 arguments and change, requests were resolved quickly.


The impressive outcomes of the Hospital Costa del Sol project are a dramatic tribute to the importance of implementing and supporting a solution in a professional, dedicated manner. Only then, the revolutionary potential of construction technology in transforming the future of infrastructure becomes realized.

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