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Global Developer sends Procore engagement through the roof with SEKTOR

BBF invests in Digital Transformation

Global developer BBF chose Procore, a top-tier Construction Management solution, with the goal of unifying project stakeholders and standardising best practises on a single platform. The strategic plan intended to simplify the delivery of their complex daily operations and project deadlines. However, deploying a sophisticated programme such as Procore posed major hurdles.



Overcoming implementation hurdles with limited resources

BBF’s engineers and project managers were at a crossroads: they wanted to smoothly incorporate Procore into their existing workflows but lacked the necessary time and resources. A basic training or onboarding session was insufficient to create an organization-wide digital shift. The need for dedicated and ongoing implementation support was quickly becoming a vital demand.


SEKTOR’s expertise drives digital adoption

SEKTOR came in to lead the installation of Procore in response to BBF’s request. Our engagement was not limited to a one-time setup, but to a comprehensive, ongoing service that included the proper onboarding of all stakeholders across all project lifecycle phases. Our efforts guaranteed that BBF’s digital transition was smooth and successful.


Skyrocketing Engagement and slashed operational costs

SEKTOR’s engagement had a major impact. BBF saw a phenomenal 80% boost in Procore engagement while lowering platform operating costs by an amazing 30%. Our participation resulted in not only a successful tool adoption, but also considerable efficiency gains and cost savings, demonstrating that, with the proper support, digital transformation can be a game changer in construction management.  

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