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AVAX – TERNA JV partners with SEKTOR to roll-out Construction Management solution at unprecedented speed

Building a Dream Resort with Unparalleled Efficiency

AVAX-TERNA JV, currently engaged in crafting the ambitious “City of Dreams Mediterraneo,” a project of significant economic import for Cyprus, invited SEKTOR to digitize field operations. The City of Dreams, with a budget of €900M, is the largest integrated Casino resort in Europe and the Middle East. As such, delivering this intricately complex and demanding project, set to redefine the Cypriot coastline, demanded a highly efficient and digitally-enhanced approach to meet its program goals.


Streamlining Operations and Optimizing Communication

The sheer scale and complexity of the project posed considerable challenges for the on-field teams. Key goals included accelerating quality control across 500 5-star hotel guest rooms, managing 10,000+ drawings with real-time updates, and improving collaboration and communication amongst a wide spectrum of stakeholders – Site Engineers, QA/QC Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Subcontractors.


Rapid Implementation and Strategic Onboarding

SEKTOR stepped up, spearheading the implementation of Fieldwire, a leading Construction Management app that powers over a million projects worldwide. We onboarded 55+ engineers at a speed five times faster than the industry average. Despite being at the project’s halfway point with inspection requests at a peak, SEKTOR ensured minimal disruption and swift implementation, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.


Cultivating a Cohort of Digital Leaders

The triumph of the AVAX-Terna project lies in SEKTOR’s inclusive approach: from the Project Director to on-site Engineers, everyone was actively engaged in the digital transition. AVAX-Terna team members established daily goals within Fieldwire, sharing project documents, reports, and photos daily, thereby demonstrating consistent progress adhering to the high-quality standards set by the project owner. The resultant level of transparency, collaboration, and coordination is unprecedented, marking a significant leap in the execution of such colossal projects. The City of Dreams project is not just transforming the stunning Cypriot coastline, but it’s also fostering a generation of tech-savvy, passionate engineers who will undoubtedly redefine the future of digital construction.

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